Thursday, July 23, 2009


Who da man?! is my new ongoing post. After reading so much good comics lately and seeing so many good artist, designers, and writers I've decided to create this segment. It'll mostly feature people in the comic book industry who are doing some crazy a$$ S#!T. Later on this ongoing post might evolve but for now it is what it is. So who is out first Who Da Man?!

None other than, Robert Kirkman.

Why is Robert Kirkman the man? Because he is one good ass writer. There is so much to say about this dude. Kirkman is a comic book writer who made it in marvel and then went to go and start his own creator owned series. Some has fail while others made an impact on fanboys, like the Walking Dead and Invincible. I read both books but I haven't caught up on the Walking Dead and kind of fell off Invincible. But I recently came back around Issue #50 and haven't fell off since. Each issue get's better and better. Within the last four issues (#60-64) Kirkman has really pushed himself and accomplished things that take the Big Two (DC and MARVEL) take years to accomplish. And that is why Robert Kirkman is Da Man.

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