Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Give Me Back My $5

I know I'm probably late with this post due to the fact that new comics come out today, but I feel I still need to voice my opinion about this comic, Hulk #600. Where should I begin? How about "THIS COMIC IS FU#*ING TERRIBLE." I had stop buying this series for a while now. I'm not going to front I read the first run on this book and thought it was terrific. It brought the inner child out of me. But eventually it started to make me feel stupid. Not only that Jeph is taking to long to reveal who the damn Red Hulk is. In this special 600 issue you would think he would've had done it but know he tells this meaningless story and tell readers to not be concerned with the Red Hulk but to concentrete on the story as a whole cause some ridiculous war is coming. Are you serious? I paid five dollars for you to tell me not to worry about the damn RED HULK. Than why the hell did you create the bastard. After reading this issue of Hulk I came to two conclusions. 1. Jeph Loeb has lost his touch and 2. The need to leave the Hulk thing to Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente. Give me back my $5

Well at least I can say the art was good. You want to pay $5 dollars for a comic pick up Amazing Spiderman #600

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